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Homeowners can not just sit back anymore and let the lenders get away with breaking the laws and taking profits on sales that they are not entitled to. As well, borrowers can not remain in ignorance of their rights, their lenders’ duties, and simple fair dealings. Homeowners should take action today and force their lenders to answer for their wrongdoings and corruption. Refinancing, in general, is also a common option but homeowners should understand that refinancing is much easier to get when the housing market is moving up and less easy to get when the market is moving downwards. Another option for some homeowners is bankruptcy. This is an option that must be decided based on the advice of an attorney. Often touted as a quick way to get rich, you can just as easily lose your shirt on foreclosures. You need lots of hand-holding from an experienced realtor. If property values have dropped since the property was purchased, the remaining loan balance could exceed the market value of the property. A number of court cases have examined this issue, and many have found that significant state official involvement in the foreclosure process gives homeowners due process protections.

You could get a good deal purchasing a foreclosure property, but buying foreclosures like fixer-uppers, requires hard work and thorough research. This is simply the difference of what is owed on the mortgage and what the bank could sell at an auction. If your home is sparsely decorated you will want to add accents-neutral pictures, plants, books on a shelf…to add some personality and warmth. Again if you have too many of these items you will want to put a big portion of them in storage. When it is time to sell your home, consult with your agent about your specific staging needs. The second element is that the loan must be in default. This creates the responsibility of the lender or servicing company to comply with the preforeclosure requirements. The regulations do not define default or impose a statute of limitations, so the terms of the original loan documents should be checked out for actual definitions of default.

But even though the lender will want the highest price possible to minimize their losses, they usually have a strong motivation to sell. Foreclosures Sellers who are selling short are probably not current on their mortgage and are in financial disarray however they are taking measures to appropriately sell their house and maintain some level of credit worthiness. A foreclosure on the other hand is a completely distressed sale that occurs when there is no hope of the owners saving their home or negotiating fair terms with the lender. These companies are typically paid a flat fee by the trustees of the mortgage to administer the loan, collect payments, make sure property taxes and insurance are in place and paid through escrow, and pursue any foreclosure proceedings, if necessary. If homeowners do miss payments, the servicer gets paid anyway, and actually makes more money from a foreclosure than if they offered to work closer with the owners of the property to negotiate for a mortgage modification or other workout option. That’s right — mortgage servicing companies actually lose more money when they help homeowners modify loans and save their homes from foreclosure!

Brooks, the Supreme Court found that there is no due process violation if there is no state action. Settlement of disputes between a lender and a borrower through a forced sale of property does not create state action. This is true even in the case of a sheriff sale or trustee sale of a property — the fact that state laws determine how the foreclosure proceeds does not create state action. You will not illicit this feeling from a buyer if there are no items in the home. Therefore staging to help define the space and create that cozy impression is highly recommended. You would not want to use super modern looking furniture and accents in a home that would be described as “cottage” style home. Second, there is an imbalance between the parties. The other party in this case is a bank with a lot of resources at its command whereas you are only one person.

In reference to home foreclosures, lenders can pursue deficiency judgments in more than 30 states. If the answer if filed after this date, it will probably be thrown out and a default judgment awarded in favor of the lender. Thus, if a Motion for Extension of Time is filed, borrowers must use that time to put together their thoughts and answer the complaint. Of course, if there is reason to file a Motion to Dismiss instead of an answer, this should be done. Your offer should include an inspection contingency period that allows you to terminate the sale if the inspections reveal unanticipated damages that the bank will not correct. If there are real estate agents involved, either representing you or the bank, those agents are required to provide you their disclosure statements. Especially if the property has extensive damage and you are purchasing it “as is.”. This is often a question many sellers have when it is time to put their home on the market. Many people find that they need to move out of state or simply move on, yet have not sold their home yet-leaving the home vacant.